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  • Alba Party Weekly Update – 31st May 2021

    In this weeks update, we learn that the first annual conference date has been moved party due to the increase in membership numbers (around 400 in the past couple of weeks) and the need for a larger venue to accommodate those wishing to attend. This will be an in-person physical conference (Covid regulations permitting) earmarked…

  • Alex Salmond Speech to ‘Leave a light on for Scotland’ Rally 2021.

  • Leaving the Light on for Scotland.

    Below is a contribution from Mercy Kamanja, a passionate activist for Scottish Independence, Alba Party member and strong advocate for diversity in Scotland. Mercy participated in the Leaving A Light On For Scotland Virtual Rally this weekend Organised by Netherlands and Germans for Scottish independence.


    A quick review of the recent blogs and the current political situation in Scotland. I am, as always Yours for Scotland. WHAT THE BLOGGERS SAY

  • Comment: Correct me if I’m wrong – Grumpy Scottish Man Blog

    The following article is a re-blog from Grumpy Scottish Man, follow the link to read the full post. There is a train of thought out there that implies that the agenda being pursued by the SNP is a kind of social pluralism. While at the same time, in particular, Alba supporters and certain alternative media…

  • The #BothVotes con

  • The Popular Vote

    The Sunday National this week posted an article with stats on list votes pitting pro-independence parties against unionist parties. Looking over the number of votes that all pro-indy list parties received (including Greens, SNP, Alba, and others) they lead by a majority of 61,889 votes with 1,372,993 going to independence supporting groups.

  • Alba Seeing you.

  • Flying without Wings

    Rev Stu posted what may be his final article on Wings Over Scotland today which is really sad news indeed. WoS has always been able to cut straight to the truth, always supporting articles with links to original sources and references, and most importantly the site spoke truth to power.

  • How both votes SNP gave the tories 4 seats in Highland and Islands.

    So the Scottish Parliament election has come to an end and the results are in. The SNP increased their vote share and did really well but didn’t manage a majority despite an increase in votes. This is because the current voting system in Scotland is designed to prevent a single party from being able to…