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Born and raised in Nairn I have a close affinity to my local area. I worked in retail from 1999 till 2006, in 2007 I went on to study Computing Science and Software Development with the UHI where I achieved a BSc degree with distinction in 2011. After working with a small Elgin based software firm and various side projects for a few years I set up a local ICT company.

I have had no background in politics and very little interest in such until the run up to the Scottish independence referendum where I got involved with the campaign. To me the referendum was too much of an important issue to just sit back and do nothing. This event had awoken in me a new found interest in the way that we are governed and after that vote I could not just go back in my box and return to business as usual. It is very important that people care about the decisions made that affect our everyday lives. I joined the SNP on the 22nd September 2014 and became actively involved with my local branch. I was an elected member of the Highland Council from 2015 – 2017 now I work with Teclan in inverness and still remain active within the community of Nairn.

Current positions held :

Digital Marketing Executive with Teclan Ltd

Secretary of SNP Nairnshire Branch

Secretary of Nairn PLAY

Member of the Nairn Games Committee

Director of Green Hive

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