Flying without Wings

Rev Stu posted what may be his final article on Wings Over Scotland today which is really sad news indeed. WoS has always been able to cut straight to the truth, always supporting articles with links to original sources and references, and most importantly the site spoke truth to power.

At the height of the Independence Referendum campaign, many Yes campaigners used WoS as a means to back up arguments and point those on the centre-ground somewhere to read more on topics around Scottish Independence. The Wee Blue Book was a regular tool amongst every indy activists’ arsenal. Following 2014 Wings became a regular commentator on Scottish politics much to the dismay of many Scottish Politicians including now those who once ardently campaigned for Indy. Today many unionist (and sadly many supposedly pro-indy) supporters will be rejoicing at WoS closing its doors but for many others, Scotland’s most-read political blog will be sorely missed. With no new posts coming out of WoS there will be a massive void left for regular readers of the blog with a thirst for that unique style of reporting that Stuart Campbell brought to Scottish Politics.

Thank you Rev. Stu for nearly 10 years of WoS and for helping to bring the Cause of Scottish Independence from a fringe group fantasy into a mainstream discussion dominating Scottish Politics today.

WoS leaves some pretty big shoes to fill and just can’t be replaced but in the absence of WoS here is a list of some alternative blogs worth following.

I’ll update the above list should any others appear, if you have any recommendations of your own please add them in the comments below.