Alba Party Weekly Update – 31st May 2021

In this weeks update, we learn that the first annual conference date has been moved party due to the increase in membership numbers (around 400 in the past couple of weeks) and the need for a larger venue to accommodate those wishing to attend. This will be an in-person physical conference (Covid regulations permitting) earmarked for September.

A number of party appointments have been made for office bearer roles in the interim period until elections can be held at conference.

Corri Wilson has been appointed as membership convenor and will be running a skills audit to pull in talent from across the party to assist and contribute wherever they can.

Christopher McEleny has been appointed General Secretary tasked with undertaking the many administrative duties including the organisational structure of the party as well as staff posts.

The party organisation will be done on a local authority level through campaign units, Chris will be updating members across the country in due course with a target of all these units to be fully up and running by the time of the inaugural annual conference.

The full video update can be viewed below.



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