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  • Budget 2017 – Independent Group Misrepresent Budget Position

    **press release from the Highland Council SNP group** As time passes and the Highland Council approach the eleventh hour with regard to the setting of the budget the SNP Group are pleased to acknowledge that the proposed cuts will be nowhere near what was originally proposed by the Independent Group. Talking about this, Cllr. Maxine…

  • Public Question and Answer Forums for Highland Council

    **press release from the Highland Council SNP group** Councillors today rejected an SNP proposal intended to enable the public to ask questions of Council leaders in their communities. Today the Lib Dem Group proposed that members of the public should be allowed to ask a 1 minute question at Full Councils, with the whole session…

  • How the EU works

    A lot of misinformation is spread about the EU, both accidentally and intentionally, but the structures that govern it are straightforward. It’s also not as big as you might have been led to believe — the European Commission employs fewer people than Edinburgh and Glasgow City Councils, but serves 500 million people rather than 1…

  • Scottish Parliament Election Campaign 2016

    Images from the 2016 Scottish Parlimant Campaign. #BothVotesSNP

  • SNP Conference October 2015 (photos)

    Glasgow October 2015

  • Nairn By-Election 2015

    Photos from the General Election and Highland Council Nairn by-election campaign 2015. With huge thanks to the local members for their support and all the hard work and effort they put in during the campaign.