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  • Joanna Cherry QC to defend Marion Millar

    Today Joanna Cherry announced that she will be coming to the legal defence of Marion Millar. Marion Millar was charged under what appears to be the section 127 of the communications act for tweets she had posted on her account. One tweet is believed to be that of a suffragette ribbon. Marion’s trial is due……

  • Comment: Correct me if I’m wrong – Grumpy Scottish Man Blog

    The following article is a re-blog from Grumpy Scottish Man, follow the link to read the full post. There is a train of thought out there that implies that the agenda being pursued by the SNP is a kind of social pluralism. While at the same time, in particular, Alba supporters and certain alternative media…

  • The #BothVotes con

  • The Popular Vote

    The Sunday National this week posted an article with stats on list votes pitting pro-independence parties against unionist parties. Looking over the number of votes that all pro-indy list parties received (including Greens, SNP, Alba, and others) they lead by a majority of 61,889 votes with 1,372,993 going to independence supporting groups.

  • Alba Seeing you.

  • How both votes SNP gave the tories 4 seats in Highland and Islands.

    So the Scottish Parliament election has come to an end and the results are in. The SNP increased their vote share and did really well but didn’t manage a majority despite an increase in votes. This is because the current voting system in Scotland is designed to prevent a single party from being able to…

  • EU Parliament Elections 23rd May 2019

    Remember to cast your vote, polling stations are open 7am to 10pm.

  • Making Stats Work for the Few

    Scottish Labour campaign group “Scotland Organisers” put out this tweet on Friday with a video containing an interesting graph.

  • Nairn Games 2017

    A really good turnout for the Nairn games this year a few light showers but they didn’t last, overall another great event. Below are some photos by Paul Oldham hosted on his Flicker Account and further below in the gallery are photos of the SNP stall held at the event. Good to catch up with…

  • End of term update

    Having no previous experience or knowledge of working in local government the last two years has been a huge learning curve but during that time I have learnt so much and have built a good working relationship with many groups in Nairn.