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A very successful event in Edinburgh today, the media reported tens of thousands of attendees, AUOB reported 100K+ and there has been claims that Police Scotland have reported around 120K.

The line of marchers was so long that the front of the line reached Hallyrood park before the end of the line even set off…

AnĀ aerial shot of part of the march shows the scale of the amount of attendees…


Proud Ness Event

Photos via Flicker by Paul Oldham.

Proud Ness 2018

AUOB Update

We are not long out of the meeting with the authorities ReĀ #AUOBEdinburgh, where we sat round a table with Edinburgh council, Police Scotland and Historic Environment Scotland (HES).
We are proud to announce that Police Scotland have made an executive decision in the interests of health & safety and public order to facilitate our stance that we are Rallying at Holyrood park and are implementing emergency powers to make this happen.
HES maintained their political stance that we were still refused permission but after a long meeting where we held to our principles we are delighted to announce Holyrood park is ours Tomorrow.

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